Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The story so far ... January - March 2007 schedule

January 2007

02.01.07 Special report: Rally against animal cruelty
09.01.07 Common Male Cancer with a guest from the Irish cancer society
16.01.07 Disability with Near 90 FMs own Brendan Crean and Jimmy McDonnell
23.01.07 Fur is murder with Laura Broxson from the Coalition For The Abolishment Of Fur Trade
30.01.07 Living in Ireland as a muslim with Abdul Haseeb and his Irish born wife Lorraine

February 2007

06.02.07 Heart Disease – an underestimated killer with Dr. Anthony Cummins
13.02.07 Asylum Politics with Roslyn Fuller
20.02.07 Stress with yoga – teacher Marie-Angeline Lascaux
27.02.07 Healthcare Access/Heart Disease & Women - with Dr. Anthony Cummins

March 2007

06.03.07 Angels with Tarot/Angel – reader Mary K. Anderson
13.03.07 Hypnotherapie/Traumatic Stress” with Katie and Paul Goldin
20.03.07 ASH Animal Rescue Centre with Helena Lameyer
27.03.07 "The Bridge to Japan" - public lecture report on Japan featuring a talk and an interview with Preofessor Timon Screech

more shows to be announced
If YOU want to be on the show with your topic - email me:


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