Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's to come !!

22nd & 29th May 2007: Best of IN-DEPTH as In-Depth reached its first anniversary: The show features repeats of earlier interviews from an interview with Peter Wyse - Jackson, director of the Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Laoing who runs a herbal shop in Dublin, interviews with citizens of Dublin about the Palestine - Israel conflict, an interview with German musician Karl Bartos (Ex-KRAFTWERK)and a report about HIV featuring performers and supporters of the play "Bang on 2" - and that's not all!!

JUNE 2007

05.06.2007 BODY ART with studio guest Joe O'Dwyer
12.06.2007 TO BE CONFIRMED
19.06.2007 OBESITY with Near90FMs own Debby McMahon and her daughter Karla and Kate Maher
26.06.2007 THE MEDIA with Jack Byrne (Near FM founder)


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