Saturday, August 04, 2007

August/September Schedule

Plenty of new shows to come!

This is going to be a hot summer for IN-DEPTH with a bunch of new shows in August and September

August 2007

07th August: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE with Margaret Martin from Womans' Aid

14th August: THE ECLECTIC SESSIONS - PART I - footage from a charity gig in aid of fighting blindness with interviews and music with musicians and people from the audience.

21st August: INTEGRATION with Near90FMs own Flavia Corradetti

28th August THE ECLECTIC SESSIONS - PART II - more from the charity event

September 2007:

04th September: REPORT FROM ABROAD - a short trip to Glasgow turned out to be very interesting as Thomas Janak talked to a young musicians about music and the dark side in people.

The show also features an interview with psychic medium Maura.

More shows to come soon!!


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