Wednesday, February 07, 2007

IN-DEPTH on "Heart Failure" 06.02.2007

Studio guest Dr. Anthony Cummins and "In-Depth" presenter Thomas Janak
small talk during the station break
A GP with a special interest: Dr. Anthony Cummins
"In-Depth" is way more than your average radio show - it is the show that goes a little deeper and stays with you for longer as it highlights issues around topics as diverse as HIV/AIDS, animal welfare, racism and, of course, health.
The 1-hour show featuring Dr. Anthony Cummins just flew by and Anthony will come back to Near 90 FM on February 27th when we will be talking about "the lack of medical facilities" in Ireland and how woman in particular fare regarding heart failure treatment.
Anthony is also involved in radio and has his own medical advise show every friday on The Digital Hub FM titled: "The heart of it". One can also hear him on Saturdays at Irish-language based radio "Radio na life" - a man of many talents indeed.


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