Saturday, August 18, 2007

SPIRIT OF THE WILD exhibition in St. Stephens Green

"Spirit of the wild" is a new exhibition on display both in St. Stephens Green Park ...
... as well as in the Stephens Green Shopping Centre, First Floor

The exhibition runs until October 7th
(the picture show IN-DEPTH host Thomas Janak in Stephens Green (1) and in conversation with Chris Bridge (2) and Janet Bridge (3), who are mainly responsible for the displays of the wonderful pictures taken by photographer Steve Bloom.
Chris and Jan were also responsible for the internationally known and critically acclaimed exhibition "Earth from the air".
Thomas felt very priviliged to be able to talk to the lovely couple and a 1-hour show about the exhibition will go out on September 18th, 3.30p.m. on Near90FM on 90,3Mhz or world-wide on:


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