Sunday, September 23, 2007

All Ireland Animal Welfare Conference footage to be aired on IN-DEPTH soon

The first ever ALL IRELAND ANIMAL WELFARE CONFERENCE took place in Dublins City West Hotel on September 23rd 2007 organised by ANVIL.

The conference featured engaging talks by Mike Rendle from the Animal Welfare Federation of Northern Ireland, Veterinary Surgeon Bernadette Doyle* from the Irish Blue Cross, Ian Farrar from Cats Protection UK, Mary - Anne Bartlett from CIWF*, Jillian Saunders from Dog Trust Ireland, Jimmy Cahill from the DSPCA, Brendan Hughes from the ISPCA, Garrett Shine from the Louth County Council and Dr. Pete Widderburn who spoke on behalf of the VICAS group.

Thomas also talked to members of DID (Dogs in distress), Mutts-in-Distress and German Shepherd Rescue.

Other speakers included Anvil's own Miriam Anderson* and Maria Clarke. The PA wasn't working and there were some dropouts but Thomas is doing his very best to clean up the footage before airing it later in the year. Watch this space for on air dates.

* - have been guests on Near90FM during earlier broadcasts


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