Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BEST OF 2007 - 3 shows to come in December

Above: IN-DEPTH producer/host Thomas Janak editing the x-mas shows at home

Going through 40+ hours of audio footage, it has now been decided which pieces and interviews will go out again as part of the three part series of THE BEST OF IN-DEPTH 2007

Part I - 04.12.2007

The first installment will feature a presentation by Ian Farrer from Cats Protection Ireland about the plight of these magnificient animals. Furthermore the show will feature an interview with Remy LeMahieu from the ASH animal sanctuary in Kiltegan.

Professor Timon Screech will be talking about "the Bridge to Japan" followed by an interview with staff of the well known Yamamori restaurant, located on Dublin's Georges Street. The staff will talk about the differences and similarities between their life in Ireland and Japan

Part II - 11.12.2007

After listening to a piece from the Szechuan Opera followed by an interview with event organiser Sammy Wang and a patriotic woman from Hong Kong, we will bring you an interview with ex-prisoner and Fallun Gong practitioner Ming Zhao as a counterpiece.

The show will then conclude with footage from a charity gig for "Fighting Blindness" featuring the Deadbots as well as the Kill City Defectors.

Part III - 18.12.2007

The final part of the three part series features an interview with School of Audio Engeneering founder Tim Wiesner and an exclusive performance by US artist Vicky Genfan recorded in March at the International Music Fair.

Thomas will be speaking to Rabia Patel about Islam followed by pieces about conservation of nature and wildlife. The show will end with an interview with Chris Bridge, who brought the "Spirit of the wild" exhibition to Dublin.

IN-DEPTH is on air Tuesdays between 3.30p.m -4.30p.m. GMT


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