Tuesday, August 21, 2007

September Schedule

04.09.2007 Report from abroad - Thomas Janak recently spent some time in Glasgow where he talked to numerous individuals from Polish musicians to a psychic medium.

11.09.2007 The phenomenon that is Harry Potter - features 8-years-old Nicky Rogers-Fallon, his mum Regina and Near90FMs own Jimmy MacDonnell. Together they explore the lessons and the magic within the books and films.

18.09.2007 Spirit of the wild - Interviews with exhibition director Chris Bridge, his wife Janet and visitors of the "Spirit of the wild" shop. A must for all animals and environment lover.

25.09.2007 Bikers - what are they are how does the general public see them? And what's so cool about racing and biking anyway?! Guest: Stuart Bobbett

www.nearfm.ie/livestream - INDEPTH Tuesdays 3.30p.m - 4.30p.m. GMT


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