Wednesday, April 25, 2007


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Saturday, April 21, 2007

May 2007 - Schedule

Time is flying - Near90FMs "IN-DEPTH" celebrates its first anniversary in May. The show premiered on May 6th 2006 and has since gone from strength to strength. - have a look here for the year in review. Near90FM will dedicate two shows to its birthday where you can relive some of the highlights. The schedule is as such:

01st May 2007: International Musicfair Frankfurt 2007 - Part I
08th May 2007: International Musicfair Frankfurt 2007 - Part II

15th May 2007: Cyberspace - the world wide web and all its pros and cons with Andrew Power, Head of the School of Creative Technologies Institute of Art, Design, & Technology (IADT)Dun Laoghaire and Near90FMs own Gavin Byrne.
22nd May 2007: Best of IN-DEPTH - Part I
29th May 2007: Best of IN-DEPTH - Part II

Saturday, April 07, 2007

What´s to come

What´s to come:
10.04.2007 INTEGRATION DAY - features interviews with people from Nigeria to India ...
17.04.2007 BLOODY HARVEST I- crime on "Fallung Gong" followers
24.04.2007 BLOODY HARVEST II - crime on "Fallun Gong" followers
08.05.2007 INTERNATIONAL MUSICFAIR II ... the two-parter features performances and interviews with many artists as well as interviews with organisations who aim for more education in the field of music.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hello from Frankfurt

Thomas just got back from the International Music Fair in Frankfurt where he recorded ...
... enough material for 2 full shows.

The shows will go out on the first two Tuesdays in May and contain of highlights from this years´ trade fair with all the new gadgets. The shows also feature great live performances by musicians from Dutch guitar player Duncan B to American singer/songwriter Vicki Genfan to German drummer Michael Wolpert and also features great interviews among others with the founder of the S.A.E - School of Audio Engeneering and numerous institutions whose aim is to promote musicianship ... two not to be missed.