Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heritage Week footage to be aired in october

"... as the life declines, I remember Dublin City in the rare auld times"
The St. Nicholas of Myra parish center in Francis street recently played host to an extraordinary exhibition about the 21st century during this years' heritage week.
There were speeches, songs, slide shows, beer and wine and even a superb poem about the good old days by medievil-ly dressed Michael O' Flannagan.
The show about the heritage week will be broadcast on IN-DEPTH on October 2nd.
Together with the two parter about the festival of world cultures, three out of five weeks in october are already scheduled.
If you have a topic IN-DEPTH should cover, simply email us on: indepth@nearfm.ie

Saturday, August 25, 2007

2-parter about the FESTIVAL OF WORLD CULTURES to come in october

Check out what's to come in October by clicking on the link above to access the microsite.
The two-part special will deal with a variety of topics from bio-diversity to vegetarianism, from wildlife- and nature conservation to climate change.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Interview with Abdul Haseeb to be re-aired

post removed by request!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

September Schedule

04.09.2007 Report from abroad - Thomas Janak recently spent some time in Glasgow where he talked to numerous individuals from Polish musicians to a psychic medium.

11.09.2007 The phenomenon that is Harry Potter - features 8-years-old Nicky Rogers-Fallon, his mum Regina and Near90FMs own Jimmy MacDonnell. Together they explore the lessons and the magic within the books and films.

18.09.2007 Spirit of the wild - Interviews with exhibition director Chris Bridge, his wife Janet and visitors of the "Spirit of the wild" shop. A must for all animals and environment lover.

25.09.2007 Bikers - what are they are how does the general public see them? And what's so cool about racing and biking anyway?! Guest: Stuart Bobbett

www.nearfm.ie/livestream - INDEPTH Tuesdays 3.30p.m - 4.30p.m. GMT

Saturday, August 18, 2007

SPIRIT OF THE WILD exhibition in St. Stephens Green

"Spirit of the wild" is a new exhibition on display both in St. Stephens Green Park ...
... as well as in the Stephens Green Shopping Centre, First Floor

The exhibition runs until October 7th
(the picture show IN-DEPTH host Thomas Janak in Stephens Green (1) and in conversation with Chris Bridge (2) and Janet Bridge (3), who are mainly responsible for the displays of the wonderful pictures taken by photographer Steve Bloom.
Chris and Jan were also responsible for the internationally known and critically acclaimed exhibition "Earth from the air".
Thomas felt very priviliged to be able to talk to the lovely couple and a 1-hour show about the exhibition will go out on September 18th, 3.30p.m. on Near90FM on 90,3Mhz or world-wide on:

Thursday, August 16, 2007


"The Friends of the elderly", who have been introduced to Near 90 FM by IN-DEPTH host Thomas Janak, will soon be visited by NEAR TV for a special series.

Charity show up on the podcast

The Longtails on stage
Part I of the two part footage from the charity gig at the sugar club (3rd August) is up on the podcast:
Just as a reminder:
A gig was put on in The Sugar Club on Friday August 3rd in order to raise money for Fighting Blindness. Paul Loughran from NEAR 90 fm and friend Joseph O Connor are climbing to Everest basecamp in October for Figting Blindness and this gig was part of their fundraising initiative. Three bands played on the night: Kill City Defectors, Deadbots and Longtails .....
It was a great night with all acts putting in great perfomances. They also put on a raffle to win a trip for two to see Prince in London. This was won by a Ms Roslyn Doran. Overall they raised 2300 on the night and have now raised 9500 altogether. They are aiming to raise 12000 in total and more if possible.

If you want to donate then you can do so here:

Also here is a little about Fighting Blindness:Fighting Blindness is Ireland’s leading charity promoting research to find therapies and treatments for eye disease. The charity also provides valuable support and counselling to those who are affected by degenerative blinding conditions. Fighting Blindness need to raise substantial funds to maintain their very expensive medical research programs and to continue to provide the invaluable support and information services to individuals and families.

Bands that played:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Interview up on podcast

Thomas Janak's interview with Linda Smith from Aibhness about domestic violence, as broadcast on IN-DEPTH on 07th August 07 is now up on near90fms podcast. Click link above to listen to it

IN-DEPTH to expose integration/immigration/interculturalism

Next weeks' show on INTEGRATION with Near90FMs own Flavia Corradetti is only the beginning of a series of shows about different cultures as IN-DEPTH will visit St. Nicholas of Myra during the national heritage week, have a look at the free eurocultured event to take place next Saturday before recording footage at the Festival of World Cultures.
The Festival of World Cultures is now in its 7th year and takes place over three days from Friday, 25th August to Sunday, 27th August, in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.
Thomas will also partake at Amnesty International's Briefing Session on the shadow reporting mechanism on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
Although, as of yet unconfirmed, IN-DEPTH shall explore the phenomenon that is Harry Potter and Thomas Janak may even be able to talk to world class drummer and co-founder of the legendary shock rock band KISS, Peter Criss - all that and more only on IN-DEPTH.
Watch for the soon to be announced September/October schedule

"Proper" Drummer NEEDED ...

Temporary Drummer (and IN-DEPTH producer/host) Thomas Janak (40), Saxophone player Sean McGuiness (89) and keyboarder Paddy Conolly (69) ....
... performing live on a wednesday afternoon

The BOLTON STREET BAND is Irelands oldest boyband and currently consists of vocalist Des Kane (82), who sang with both the Rathgar and Rathmines Musical Society, Willie Shanks (70) on bodhran and spoons, Paddy Connolly (69) on the keys and Sean McGuiness (89) on saxophone.

Paddy has been playing professionally since he was only 18-years-old and was resident musician in Butlins for 14 years and Portmarnock Country Club for 10 years. Sean has played with stars such as Vera Lynn and the Joe Loss Orchestra.

The boys plan to be in the charts around Christmas time and are currently looking for an appropriate drummer.

Although Thomas Janak is an award winning songwriter and enjoyed three top 20 hits in the independent charts in Germany, including a nr. 1, in the 1990's as well as ranking in the top ten of all unsigned artists in the area of Frankfurt - he is simply too young to stay with the formation.

If you are a drummer (or know one) within the qualifying age group please contact the Friends of the elderly asap.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

O.K., lets get this straight !

Digital Hub FM website screenshot
IN-DEPTH actually premiered on The Digital Hub FM (then known as LIBER8FM) with Thomas Janak who works/worked as a volunteer at The Digital Hub FM where he still regularly has shows.
However, The Digital Hub is a befriended radio station of Near90FM and is not the same station or a sister station or anything like that.
Both stations are actually open enough to network on occassion thus the mention of either.

Indepth re-aired

The interview that Thomas conducted with Linda Smith from Aibhness about domestic violence during his IN-DEPTH show on Tuesday. 7th August will be re-aired this Saturday 11th August at 5.30p.m. on the program ENCORE.

The footage will than appear on www.nearfm.ie s podcast system.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

August/September Schedule

Plenty of new shows to come!

This is going to be a hot summer for IN-DEPTH with a bunch of new shows in August and September

August 2007

07th August: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE with Margaret Martin from Womans' Aid

14th August: THE ECLECTIC SESSIONS - PART I - footage from a charity gig in aid of fighting blindness with interviews and music with musicians and people from the audience.

21st August: INTEGRATION with Near90FMs own Flavia Corradetti

28th August THE ECLECTIC SESSIONS - PART II - more from the charity event

September 2007:

04th September: REPORT FROM ABROAD - a short trip to Glasgow turned out to be very interesting as Thomas Janak talked to a young musicians about music and the dark side in people.

The show also features an interview with psychic medium Maura.

More shows to come soon!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Eclectic Sessions on IN-DEPTH

Thomas talked to the Kill City Defectors at the Sugarclub
The Sugarclub was the perfect venue for a charity event in aid of fighting blindness which took place on Friday, August 3rd 2007.
The bill included three acts: Longtails, Deadbots, Kill City Defectors. MC for the night was Near90FMs own George Mulcahy.
For on air dates see Schedule