Wednesday, May 23, 2007

IN-DEPTH host Thomas Janak kept his promise ...

During the animal welfare show with guest Helena LeMahieu on March 20th2007, IN-DEPTH host Thomas Janak promised to visit her at ASH to help out and to follow up on the activities at the sanctuary.

He recently went to ASH for an overnight visit.

The follow up show is scheduled for July 10th 2007 and for more info about the trip please visit:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


05.06.2007 ANVIL - Animals Need A Voice In Legislation

with national elections at hand it is about time to make the defence of the defenceless a political issue. Miriam Anderson from ANVIL is coming in on June 5th - one not to be missed!!!


with Satwinder Singh and his friend Haprit from the Sikh Council of Ireland

19.06.2007 OBESITY

The show looks at obesity and how it effects the society as well as individuals both on a communal and a personal level. Guests will be Kate Maher, Mary K. Anderson as well as Near90FMs own Debbie MacMahon and her daughter Karla.

26.06.2007 THE MEDIA

IN-DEPTH has a look at the media and talks about different ways of highlighting issues as well as takes self criticism on the current media and the exploitation of the helpless. The show will also highlight the differences between community radio and commercial radio. Studio guest is Jack Byrne, founder of NEAR90FM.

IN-DEPTH EVERY TUESDAY 3.30p.m - 4.30p.m on NEAR 90 FM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fallun Gong footage up on podcast

The two parter about the organ harvesting of Fallun Gong practitioners is up on NEAR90FMs podcast. Alternatively simply click below: - Part I - Part II

What's to come !!

22nd & 29th May 2007: Best of IN-DEPTH as In-Depth reached its first anniversary: The show features repeats of earlier interviews from an interview with Peter Wyse - Jackson, director of the Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Laoing who runs a herbal shop in Dublin, interviews with citizens of Dublin about the Palestine - Israel conflict, an interview with German musician Karl Bartos (Ex-KRAFTWERK)and a report about HIV featuring performers and supporters of the play "Bang on 2" - and that's not all!!

JUNE 2007

05.06.2007 BODY ART with studio guest Joe O'Dwyer
12.06.2007 TO BE CONFIRMED
19.06.2007 OBESITY with Near90FMs own Debby McMahon and her daughter Karla and Kate Maher
26.06.2007 THE MEDIA with Jack Byrne (Near FM founder)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fallun Gong footage to be re-aired

Near90FMs own GLOBAL SOLIDARITY re-aired/re-aires the footage recorded by IN-DEPTH host Thomas Janak on the organ harvesting of Fallun Gong practitioners. It goes out this Sunday 5th May 07 between 5p.m. - 6.30p.m. - make sure not to miss it