Tuesday, February 27, 2007

March & April 2007

06.03.2007 ANGELS - with Mary K. Anderson
13.03.2007 TRAUMATIC STRESS with Paul and Katie Goldin
20.03.2007 ASH - Animal Rescue Shelter with Helene Lemoyer
27.03.2007 "THE BRIDGE TO JAPAN" - with Professor Timon Screech
10.04.2007 INTEGRATION DAY - features interviews with people from Nigeria to India ...
17.04.2007 BLOODY HARVEST I- crime on "Fallung Gong" followers
24.04.2007 BLOODY HARVEST II - crime on "Fallun Gong" followers
if you want to be on the show, simply email me: indepth@nearfm.ie

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Integration Day festivities to be aired on IN-DEPTH

In conversation with a representative of the Sikh Council in Ireland
Thomas Janak and Jacob Nwazota in conversation

The Rainbow Neighbourhood Project celebrated the Integration Day in conjunction with the Intercultural Centre Inchicore on February 23rd 2007.

Thomas Janak was there and talked to Jacob Nwazota, Co-Ordinator for the Intercultural Centre, people from Nigeria, India and Pakistan as well as to emigrant children who are in Irish schools.
There was plenty of food and music and the stories you will hear are somewhat encouraging as well as heartbreaking at times.

On-Air Date to be announced soon

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Latest News

Professor John Nolan, Diabeteologist at St. James´s Hospital Dublin, who has been a guest on "The Morning show" on Liber8FM in autumn 2005, the show that had me as a co-host and deskop, has agreed to talk about Diabetes on IN-DEPTH somewhen this year.

I´ll keep you posted

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year and "The Bridge to Japan" soon topic on IN-DEPTHs Asian specials

In-Depth host Thomas Janak talks to Sumi Wang from the Chinese - Irish Cultural Academy (www.cicaireland.com) who introduced the artists from the Sechuan Opera to the audience.
Sumi "at work" - she was very funny and very informative

"The King of changing faces"

Fire breathing and fancy clothes are all part of the celebrations

This scene depicts a husband getting punished by his wife for not listening to her- The reason why he accepts the punishments is because she is very beautiful - and in this case it is certainly true.

Very different and very talented

Thomas introduces the show
As "In-Depth" continues to battle racism it is only fitting to do a few "Asian specials" and there will be two shows in late March and early April:
27.03.2007 "The Bridge to Japan" a talk organised by the Chester Beatty Library featuring Professor Timon Screech from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. His talk explains why Tokyo is not build like any other city in the world.
03.04.2007 "Chinese New Year celebrations" - although Chinese New Year happens in February, it is worth going out on air at any given time during the year. The show features a special report about the performance of the Sechuan Opera at the Chester Beatty Library and features interviews with Chinese and Irish people. It is estimated that approximately 40 000 Chinese people are currently living in Ireland.
So please make sure not to miss these great shows.
For all shows between now and late March see:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

IN-DEPTH on "Heart Failure" 06.02.2007

Studio guest Dr. Anthony Cummins and "In-Depth" presenter Thomas Janak
small talk during the station break
A GP with a special interest: Dr. Anthony Cummins
"In-Depth" is way more than your average radio show - it is the show that goes a little deeper and stays with you for longer as it highlights issues around topics as diverse as HIV/AIDS, animal welfare, racism and, of course, health.
The 1-hour show featuring Dr. Anthony Cummins just flew by and Anthony will come back to Near 90 FM on February 27th when we will be talking about "the lack of medical facilities" in Ireland and how woman in particular fare regarding heart failure treatment.
Anthony is also involved in radio and has his own medical advise show every friday on The Digital Hub FM titled: "The heart of it". One can also hear him on Saturdays at Irish-language based radio "Radio na life" - a man of many talents indeed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Better late then never ...

Last years' 4 show run about the XVI. International HIV/AIDS conference were among the highlights of IN-DEPTH. Finally I managed to compile a slideshow with a few snippets from the shows and a few pics from the conference. Enjoy!!